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Duck Hunting Adventures

Trip #1
Southern Manitoba

The North Interlake Region for decades has been one of the major flyways for waterfowl. The flyway consists of numerous species of waterfowl and this outfitter specializes in quality shooting over decoy spreads. Most varieties of ducks use this flyway, as well as, snows, blues, Ross and Canadian geese.

Waterfowl huntingAs mass flocks from the north work their way south, you'll be treated to some of the finest waterfowl hunting available.

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Trip #2
Northern Manitoba

Situated in the heart of Manitoba's majestic northland, this lodge is a serious hunter's dream.

Incomparable hunting is combined with five-star accommodations, gourmet cuisine, even complimentary cocktails and hors d'oeuvres. You'll dine on such delicacies as prime rib with mushroom au jus, chocolate mousse torte, and Bourbon Street bread pudding with brandy sauce.

But even these culinary classics may seen to pale with your guide-prepared shore lunch of fresh pan-fried fish, potatoes and beans, homemade cookies, and rolls baked that morning. If this is roughing it, please pass the biscuits and sign me up for more.

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Trip #3
North Dakota

Great Waterfowl trips This lodge has exclusive use of approximately 41,000 acres, on which they plant 26 Wildlife Food Parcels of 8 to 12 acres of unharvested corn, sunflowers, millet, milo and oats.

The hunts are three and four days, which include respectively four or five nights so that you may hunt and depart rested. The hunts are full-service, "the whole nine yards"; and they include airport pickup, three daily guided hunts, all hunting transportation, a separate house for each group of hunters, daily maid service, all meals and snacks, bird cleaning and freezing, and transportation to the airport upon departure. They maintain a good supply of ammunition for purchase at dealer's cost, along with all necessary licenses.

They are pioneers in providing all-day hunting for every day of the hunter's visit with them, usually geese first with upland birds during mid-day and ducks or doves last in the day until dark.

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Trip #4

Each year over fifty million ducks arrive in Southwest Louisiana in a hunger frenzy, competing for landing space.

This lodge which is located just fifteen miles from the Gulf of Mexico, is the last stop for the birds before the trip across a big stretch of saltwater.

You will hunt dabbling ducks and geese under natural crop cover in comfortable pit blinds sunken into rice field leeves.

Transportation is by truck and customized duck buggy, pulled by tractor or all terrain vehicles, along farm roads to the blind. All guides are proficient callers of ducks and geese, spread over 5,000 renovated square feet, and you can choose to socialize in the large recreational area at the bar, satellite TV, play cards, shoot pool, or escape the crowd by returning to your own private space. Guests return for the food as much as they do the hunting. Choose from roast stuffed specklebelly goose, duck and sausage gumbo, smothered teal with onions, hog cracklins, jambalaya, dirty rice, and the list continues.

Come to the southwest Louisiana where Cajuns rule and hospitality is tradition, where they have raised the standards for guest comfort while hunting wild birds.

Contact us for more information on this great Louisiana hunting experience. All of our services are no additional cost to you!

Trip #5

Mexico is a wing shooters paradise with it's famous swarms of white-winged dove, hundreds of thousands of waterfowl, and numerous quail coveys. This ranch's 11,000 acres are bordered on the east by 380,000 acres of irrigated farmland which offers plenty of food for the bird population.

The southern border is a 400,000 acre nature preserve which is the nesting ground to northern Mexico's largest white-winged dove colony. You'll hunt in groups of six, with a guide who is responsible for taking you to your hunting site, providing bird boys, and attending to your every need while away from the lodge.

For your convenience, Beretta Automatic AL390 Silver Mallard shotguns are provided in 12 and 20 gauge. These are great handling guns with interchangeable chokes and are provided at no extra charge. With guns provided your border crossing into Mexico will be a breeze. Of course, if you would like to bring your own favorite firearm, the paperwork is made available. Ammunition is available and in good supply- no reason to worry about running out of shells.

This hunting lodge was built specifically for serious bird hunters. All details have been carefully thought through, as well as extra amenities such as the pool, the hot tub, and the wine served with lunch and dinner.

Contact us for this incredible bird hunting experience south of the border. All of our services are no additional cost to you!

Trip #6

Northern Colorado is one of the premier waterfowl destinations in the West. Due to mild winters and abundant food sources geese are stopping short of their southern destinations. Combine this with an exploding local population and you'll see why Colorado has become a highly respected goose hunting destination.

Long before you arrive, decoys will be in place for your hunt. The site selection will be made by the guides after observing bird activity and field use. Your personal dogs or the guide's dogs will accompany you into the field each day. These guides are students of the local birds and their behavior. Years in the field have made them aware of any pitfalls and mistakes that could affect your success. While hunting with the guides here you will feel as though you are an old hunting partner.

Hunts are full day guided hunt with decoys. Kids 15 or younger hunt free with a paying adult. Kids hunt does not include room and board.

Contact us for more information on this great Colorado hunting experience. All of our services are no additional cost to you!

Trip #7

Nebraska Waterfowl With lots of action and very liberal bag limits this hunt guarantees lots of fun. Hunting is conducted over the numerous farm ponds and crop fields within the outfitters properties. Whether it's ducks and geese, a pheasant/duck combo, or our spring snow goose, you will enjoy your time hunting waterfowl with us.

Because of the overpopulation of Snow Geese, the Federal and State Authorities have okayed 20 per day bag limits, no possession limit, unplugged shotguns, and the use of electronic callers.

These measures are necessary to hold down the Snow Goose population and keep the destruction of the nesting areas to a minimum. During the 2000 season, hunters shot over 4,000 birds.

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Trip #8

This outfitter conducts their hunts on flooded flats, reservoirs, plowed ground, rice & wheat fields located on the El Campo and Garwood prairies. Hunters will have a chance to observe some of the finest game managed habitat available.

The guides are well equipped with Polaris 6-wheelers, parkas and small boats to handle any variety of conditions. They also provide as many as 1500 goose decoys and 200 duck decoys per party.

Lodging is in a 3000 square foot lodge that accommodates up to 20 hunters and is located northwest of El Campo in the heart of the ranch. The 2-story lodge was built in the early 1900's.

Contact us for this Texas waterfowl hunt. All of our services are no additional cost to you!

Trip #9

Every year thousands of ducks and other waterfowl migrate down the Mississippi flyway.

This lodge is located a mere 45 miles from Stuttgart right between the White and Cache Rivers. This truly is the mecca of duck hunting. The fact that the owners are avid duck hunters who share a love of the sport ensures a quality duck hunting experience.

They are committed to making your hunt, a hunt of a lifetime each and every time you step foot in the flooded timber.

Well trained retrievers are provided but, you are always welcome to bring your trained dog.

Morning hunts are typically in flooded timberland and are highly productive. If an afternoon hunt is wanted, duck or goose in some fine fields are available.

Get out the waders, let's go hunting.

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It's your first step toward a once-in-a-lifetime outing!

Trip #10
South Dakota

This waterfowl hunt features close-range shooting over decoys. Enjoy early season-duck hunts in a variety of private sloughs, marshes, wetlands and flooded fields for a spectacular hunt featuring teal, gadwalls, pintails, redheads canvasbacks and mallards. Later season hunts are not whitefront geese (specklebellies), Ross, Quill Lake and Canada geese.

The lodge overlooks Okobojo Creek on Lake Oahe, which is one of the primary waterfowl refuges in the central flyway. You will enjoy listening to and watching tens of thousands of migratory, waterfowl right from the main lodge.

They also offer an outpost camp on the North Platte River in Nebraska that features outstanding late-season waterfowl hunting.

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Trip #11

This trip's location cannot be compared to any other area in the United States. It is unsurpassed in quality. This 1,000 acre paradise is located along the mighty Mississippi River, with four miles of river frontage and two islands in the river to provide a unique atmosphere that every dedicated waterfowl hunter should experience. It's your choice. Hunt diver ducks such as Canvas Backs along the great Mississippi River; or Mallards, Wood Ducks, and Teal in the flooded bean, corn and millet fields with over 25 blinds and pits to occupy. Choose hunting large Canadian Geese from one of our pits, or select a pit where you can shoot geese on one side and ducks on another!

The experience doesn't end in the field. You'll feel instantly comfortable with home-cooked meals and friendly guides who are always at the lodge.

The lodge is located in the heart of the property, next to two large rest lakes which provide food and protection to thousands of migratory ducks and geese. One glance out your bedroom window will make you feel in awe of Mother Nature as the waterfowl coast from the sky onto the lake and adjoining fields.

Contact us for this Illinois waterfowl hunt. All of our services are no additional cost to you!

Trip #12

Your guides specialize in quality waterfowl hunts throughout Kansas. Kansas's prairie marshes are home to millions of migrating waterfowl in the fall and spring. The Central Flyway provides us with a huge variety of species, numbers and liberal bag limits. Most clients come to shoot pintail and whitefront geese due to the huge numbers that migrate down the central flyway, especially western Kansas.

You will hunt out of 19 foot flat bottom john boats, equipped with blinds and powered by 25 horsepower Go-Devil motors, giving you the mobility to travel anywhere the birds are located-- be it a back hole slough to big open water.

In most circumstances, you will be picked up at the lodge or your hotel and be driven to your hunting location. After your early morning shoot, you will be served breakfast in the boat and wait for the birds to return from their morning meal. Around noon, lunch will be served and you will set back and wait out any afternoon stragglers--if you havenít already limited out!

Spring Snow Goose Hunts- Kansas, Missouri and other states along the Central and Mississippi flyways have had special snow goose seasons for the past few years. The seasons have had generous limits (no limit) and we can use electronic calls. In addition, there is no plug regulation--giving you extra shells in your gun. These hunts are for up to seven people. The big flocks are followed when they enter southern Kansas and Missouri into the Dakotas. You will hunt from Avery Finisher blinds and over 1200-1500 decoys. Your guides scout each day and hunt fields that the birds are using regularly.

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Trip #13

This lodge is one of the few goose hunting lodges left on the Hudson Bay coast. Located on Cape Tatnam near the mouth of the Kaskattama River in northern Manitoba, Kaska is a hunters' paradise. This goose camp has been transformed from little more than a converted Hudson Bay Company fur storage warehouse into the most luxurious lodge on the Hudson Bay and James Bay coasts.

Although the lodge is located amid the wild beauty of the Hudson Bay coast 650 miles north of Winnipeg, Mb., it is readily accessible to goose hunters via private charters originating in Winnipeg. The Beech 99 twin turbine aircraft transports 8 hunters in comfort and safety.

Contact us for this Manitoba wilderness waterfowl hunt. All of our services are no additional cost to you!

Trip #14

Deep in the rolling plains of West Texas is a place where memories are made. It is a place where people come to get away from their fast paced lives and settle down for a few days of relaxation, incredible meals and legendary hunting. This ranch offers all of the modern day lodging amenities while keeping the rustic and nostalgic feel of ranch life.

Duck hunting in West Texas is one of the best places to hunt in the United States. That is a bold statement that many who have never hunted at this ranch will argue. Did you limit out every duck trip last year? They did! They shot more ducks in 1 day than many Arkansas, Louisiana, and East Texas guide services shot in a week. For those of you who are unfamiliar with West Texas, it is directly in the middle of the Central Flyway. Because they are in the temperate zone, they are also the stopping ground for many migrating ducks. This teamed up with the best pro-guide staff, Wildlife Biologist, and strict agricultural practices is a formula for waterfowl. Whether you come visit this ranch for a guided duck hunt or a day lease, a duck hunting trip at this ranch will not be forgotten.

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Trip #15

This waterfowl hunt is packed with action. The close proximity to New Orleans makes this a great trip from the city before or after a business meeting. The LA marsh is a magnificent place and one you will enjoy.

The lodge is isolated only forty minutes from downtown New Orleans and the French Quarter. You will have the option to stay in one of the many New Orleans area hotels and easily commute to the hunt everyday, or if you make arrangements ahead of time, you can be accommodated at one of the local lodges down in Delacroix Island.

You will be treated to an early morning breakfast, afterwards you will take a boat to blinds in the marsh area before sunrise. After the hunt, you will boat back to house for lunch and afternoon nap. If you have not bagged your limit, it is back to the blind for a late afternoon hunt.

The operators of this outfit have been hunting this area for a number of years. The guides are nice and willing to teach you the tricks of the trade for LA marshland hunting.

Contact us for this Louisiana waterfowl hunt. All of our services are no additional cost to you!

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